F/CE – SS17 Pt. XII

April 24, 2017

When the colder months are here, we love the F/CE winter wear. Now that those months are behind us for a little while, we still love F/CE, but for different reasons. In store and online we are pumped to have the F/CE spring summer bags. Hailing from Japan, and under the guidance of designer Satoshi Yamane, F/CE uses utilitarian design principles to create high quality bags for every situation. Whether you’re looking for a backpack to lug your lunch around or a duffle that can be used as a flotation device, look no further than F/CE.

F/CE ‘s inspiration is a process of evolution by nature. Each season they choose a country and subsequent culture that they want to respect by design. They take their team there to experience as much of the art, life, food, music and history as possible. The newly learned information influences their collection for the upcoming season.

For spring summer 17 F/CE incorporates some truly unique design aspects that offer help for your daily grind or as a tool for being a weekend warrior. This season the dry line is all made from Cordura waterproof ripstop nylon. Apart from being waterproof, it is also ultra durable. This ensures that these bags will stand up to anything you can throw at them. Except knives. Don’t throw knives at your bag. To make this line as waterproof as it can get, they are made with a seamless design. This means that instead of attaching the strips and pieces of material with stitching, they are put together with high quality, temperature resistant glue.

Still nervous about water leaking into your goodies? Pieces like the no-seam 3way duffle and no-seam zip lock bag forgo the use of dry zippers for a zip lock system. This closure style is as airtight as you can get. It works just like a large version of the sandwich bag that you brought to the office, but is also pressure resistant up to 5 metres.

Also included in this line on the no-seam zip lock bag and the no-seam 2way trolley, is an intake air valve. Used for a couple reasons, once inflated these bags could be a flotation device or even just as a pillow if you forgot to bring one for the weekend campout.

All in all, F/CE’s spring summer dry line bags are incredibly well made with water resistance in mind at every corner. There is a wide variety of shapes for whatever your needs may be. These will be just as comfortable in the canoe as walking around the city.

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