Holiday Gift Guide Pt 2. For the Adventurer

December 1, 2016

You and a loved one, or the family, or maybe just yourself will be travelling this holiday season. Give the gift early, or treat yourself to some travelling goods that may make your life a little easier, but definitely more stylish. Our selection includes a wide array of bags to suit any need or any personality, apothecary goods to keep you fresh and tidy, and small accessories to make sure you’re nice and comfy on your travels.


1. Ficouture Seasonal Travel Backpack Melange
2. Tanner Goods Camera Strap Rich Moc
3. Tanner Goods Journeyman Wallet Cognac
4. Tanner Goods Bifold Wallet Hickory
5. Tanner Goods Travel Wallet Hickory


1. Filson Small Duffle Olive
2. Filson Original Briefcase Olive
3. Filson Small Pullman Tan


1. Ficouture Seasonal Big Travel Bag Black
2. Maharishi Redux Helmet Bag Upcycled Black


1. Maharishi Pointilist Camo Umbrella Black
2. Porter 2-way Overnighter Black
3. Porter 3-way Duffle Bag Black


1. Tanner Goods Soap Shoreline / Wildwood
2. King’s Crown Butterfly Safety Razor
3. King’s Crown Pocket Comb
4. King’s Crown Safety Razor
5. Murdock of London Cologne


1. Norse Projects x Hestra Utsjo Dark Navy
2. Norse Projects x Hestra Utsjo Tobacco
3. Norse Projects x Hestra Utsjo Rapeseed
4. Norse Projects Bjarki Blend Mouse Grey
5. Norse Projects Bjarki Blend Red Clay
6. Norse Projects Bjarki Blend Cornflower Blue


1. BHW Network Apex Knit Black
2. BHW Dayton Apex Knit Grey
3. BHW Lawson Apex Knit Orange
4. BHW Network Apex Knit Grey
5. BHW Dayton Apex Knit Black