Malibu Sandals – SS17 pt. XVIII

May 23, 2017

If you’re looking for sandals this summer, Malibu has you covered with some unique options. Their mission is to create the most fashionable, practical and ethical sandals on the market. Inspired by a traditional Mexican sandal called the huarache, we think they have done it. The huarache sandal’s origins are not completely known, but have been backdated centuries. This woven style, originally made from raw leather, proved to be an efficient and durable footwear option for countless tasks.

Malibu’s commitment to creating cruelty free footwear meant moving away from raw leather goods. The “leather” you will find on their products is made to mimic the look and feel of tanned cow skin, allowing the brand to pay proper homage to the huarache sandal. However the use of man-made materials benefits our animal friends as well as the wearer by making them non susceptible to water damage, and resistant to scratches or markings that would be visible on leather.

Beyond their commitment to cruelty-free production, Malibu has their priorities set on giving you the most comfortable ride possible. Their 3-part outsole guarantees the summer days and nights spent in their kicks will be painless. The creation of their outsoles includes an incredibly soft polyurethane anatomically correct footbed that hugs the shape of your foot. Underneath the footbed a solid phylon midsole provides strong support, and lastly a durable rubber sole gives great traction.

In addition to their classic models, Malibu has collaborated with Missoni to create an exclusive colour way in the popular Latigo. This pair has all the staple features of the regular issue with some subtle and awesome upgrades. The upper is comprised of a hand-braided vegan leather for a more complex look to the sandal. Just when we thought they couldn’t get comfier, Malibu lines the footbed with PU suede. Don’t miss out on these.

The Malibu Sandals Latigo and Canyon are available online and in-store to make your feet happy this summer.


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