Meet the Fam. Julia – SS17 Pt. XVII

May 17, 2017

TC2_0311Hey! Who are you?

Hey! I’m Julia, and I work in sales.

What’s that like?

It’s really great. Our store curates a look and feel in a very specific way. It’s cool to talk with people who come through about brands or styles they may not have heard of. Also I didn’t know much about menswear before, so learning about all the detailing that goes into making these pieces is really great.

What are you liking about menswear so far?

I think the little things; a lot of brands that we sell put so much thought into every part of their clothing. With simple things, shirts for example, it’s interesting to see how something like the material, stitching or even buttons, can make a huge difference to customers.

Can you describe your style in simple terms?

I would say my style is minimal, classic, with vintage pieces sprinkled in there. I like a lot of button ups in my wardrobe. Oxfords, with cool detailing, weird silhouettes, things that make them different. Black Jeans too! I always wear those. Jackets. Bombers and vintage finds are always apart of what I wear.

How has your style changed over time?

I would say my style has changed in the way that I buy less items but spend more on the fewer things I do buy. I much prefer having a great shirt that I love and will last me a long time rather than going to a fast fashion store for 10 shirts that I might wear once and throw away. My style is reliant on having classic pieces, so a timeless shirt or jacket is my jam.

What are some of your favourite brands right now?

I’ve always liked A.P.C. and Acne. Opening Ceremony has some really fun stuff. Monitaly, Creep are amazing too. I like them because they’re well fitted and have a cool Japanese influence to them.

What’s one thing you can’t live without at the moment?

My glasses. Mostly because I need them to see, but also because they’re a cool, easy way to accessorize any look you have. They can bring a cool twist to otherwise boring outfits. Mine are a vintage find from 312 Optical.

Go to coffee spot around the city?

It’s Goldstruck! It’s so close to the store, and they have amazing cookies.

Last song you listened to?

Carl Sagan by Night Moves

Cycle or Drive


Latte or Drip


Sneakers or Dress shoes?


Solid or Pattern


Button up or Tee?

Button up

Jeans or Trousers?



Julia’s daily essentials


Pick time… What are your favourite things in store right now?

The Wilson 46 Optical is one for sure! They’re kind of like my glasses right now, which might be why I like them so much. If I try my hardest to be objective, they’re really clean and simple, but cool. I mean I would wear them, so they have to be cool. They also have a clip on option, which is a sweet retro option as well. These are super versatile. You can look stylish rocking them at work as well as at dinner with friends. That’s what I really appreciate about them.


Garrett Leight’s Wilson 46 Optical


I also love the Monitaly Field Shell Jacket. Like I said, Monitaly is one of my favourite brands. This particular jacket has such a great A-line silhouette, and really cool ties instead of buttons. There is a Japanese vibe to it, which makes it cool to me. It’s made with Vancloth, which is a really durable, water repellant fabric made exclusively for Monitaly. So that draws me in as well. Simple pieces with great detailing is what I love in clothing. This jacket captures that perfectly.


Monitaly Field Shell Jacket