Regal Handcrafted Knife - White Horn/Wood/Brass



Designed out of New York, Poglia & Co. creates a timeless knife that ages beautifully over time. Each blade is hand-drawn and forged in a workshop in South Brazil then cut primarily from reclaimed disk plows. The handles are crafted using wood, bone, horn, or a combination of these materials. The blade is not stainless so it will mature and develop more character over the course of its life. The knife is presented in a handmade leather sheath that will richen in colour and sophistication over time. The knife is brass capped between each segment, this timely process beautifully blends the neck of the knife to the handle.

Hand-wash only. Lubricate with oil as needed
[Horn and Bone] Handle
5.5 inch repurposed steel blade
Solid brass bolster
10.5 from butt to blade tip
Made in Brazil