25th Anniversary Key Lanyard - Charcoal

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we have done a small capsule collection with our good friends at Tanner Goods. The collection consists of finely worked accessories using an exclusive charcoal leather and completed with gunmetal hardware never done before by Tanner Goods.

Perfect for housing your keys without the inconvenience of it in your pockets. Secured with a gated clasp making it easy to release your keys when necessary. Our collaboration Lanyard features a never-done-before gunmetal hardware for the clasp, double-cap rivets, and stud. Lastly a joint stamp branding of Uncle Otis | Tanner Goods is placed on the rear loop.

25th Anniversary Uncle Otis | Tanner Goods
Custom charcoal leather
Custom gunmetal hardware
Belt loop
Gated clasp
Brass button stud
Double-cap rivet construction
Handmade in Portland, USA