Stan Ray’s Clean Workwear – SS17 Pt. IV

March 16, 2017

Since it’s inception, Stan Ray has consistently put out simple workwear options that are easy to love. The quality military fatigue inspired materials are comfortable and durable. We find that the generally loose fit of the brand’s pieces are ideal for layering. For this look Vince rocks the Ripstop Military Jacket in olive. It slips easily over a shirt or sweater for a workwear/military twist on your daily fit. While you probably aren’t carrying around extra ammo cartridges, the pockets work just as well for your smartphone. Vince put the jacket with a brightly toned Oliver Spencer Clerkenwell shirt. Oliver Spencer has long been one of our favourite shirting brands and the contrasting light check pattern is a solid brightening option for spring. We love the small details like the neck button flap, contrasting button stitching, and side facing. These little twists are sure to please the particularly inclined.

Keeping with the fit of the jacket, a straight cut pant like these Chinos from Stan Ray, can complete the look. The cotton on this pair have been fully Sanforized. This process pre shrinks and washes the material so that your sizing won’t change after washing them at home. They stay Comfortable and classic with two slant pockets. If you’re looking for workwear pieces at a great price point, Stan Ray will be your new best friend.


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