Summer Market Surfing – SS17 Pt. VIII

March 27, 2017

Summer calls for roaming around the city. You’re sure to find friendly faces of people smiling that they made it through another winter. The shops and markets will be bustling with buyers and sellers keeping cool on the hottest days. It may sound like a foreign land at the moment, but we are close, have faith.

To keep our cool, in the aesthetic sense, we combined a couple pieces from Universal Works. The Cuban shirt is a loose fitting light knit made to battle the hottest of days somewhere that the sun definitely shines (a lot). This iteration of the classic silhouette is modernized but does not stray far from the original. It uses bright tonal stripe that loves the sun. Those chest pockets seems like they’re tailored for holding your summer cigar.

After all that walking by and sifting to find those few goodies you have to have, the Taikan Sherpa Tote is there for you. This bag takes military inspiration and is constructed to carry everything you (impulsively) need.

The Universal Works Taper pant in brown are a reworked version of the traditional suit pant. They are cut to have extra room in the thigh down to the knee, where it tapers towards the ankle. The lightweight relaxed fit works with the similar cut of the Cuban shirt to keep this look consistent. On foot here we have the Yuketen Blucher. These shoes are made in the USA with a specific focus on premium materials and construction. The more you wear them, the more they will form to your foot. In the brown leather, the Blucher model is a classic that compliments the tones in the Taper pants and Cuban shirt completing a summer look that will having people thinking you’re on the way to the ocean.