UNIFORM: Maharishi Delivery 2 – FW Pt. XIII

UNIFORM: Maharishi Delivery 2 – FW Pt. XIII
Uncle Otis

Fall/winter 2017 keeps rolling into the store. The newest arrival is from Maharishi. Designer Hardy Blechman has put forth some phenomenal outerwear options through their Upcycled line. The collection has become the pride of Maharishi by turning vintage and decommissioned military pieces into modern military inspired clothing for life today.

True to the inspiration behind Maharishi, all the Upcycled pieces are assembled in India. The military fabrics and items are smudged in herbal essence, blessed and washed in saffron water to symbolically cleanse them of their military associations.

We’ve brought in two Upcycled pieces for your enjoyment. The oversized coach’s jacket is a brilliant layering option to stave off the colder days that are coming. It gets its warmth from the vintage quilted jacket liners it is made from. Featuring hand embroidered detailing, the World Tour Poncho carries the mantra of the season for the British brand. It is really something to be marvelled over. Fully camouflage with a hood and front pockets, it’s safe to say you probably don’t have something quite like it in your wardrobe.

Don’t over look the Italian mil-type cotton items. It’s a rigid but soft to the touch fabric that insulates and is extremely durable. The material takes centre stage on the Tour shirt and the Cargo Track pant. The Tour shirt is a versatile over layer that could be worn as a traditional shirt as well as an over layer for superior warmth. The Cargo track pant uses ribbed cuffs on the hems, and slim cargo pockets with M65 strap details.

Take a look at the looks below and shop via the link at the bottom.


TC1_0948 TC1_0953 TC1_0952

TC1_0999 TC1_0996 TC1_1001 TC1_0998

TC1_0941 TC1_0947 TC1_0945  TC1_0962


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