New Arrival: Scent of Land – FW17 Pt. XVII

New Arrival: Scent of Land – FW17 Pt. XVII
November 18, 2017 Uncle Otis

An exciting new arrival has landed in store, and should not be missed. New York based Apothecary, Land by Land’s candle collection is entirely handmade using 100% natural resources. The beeswax based candles are given their scent by custom blends meticulously crafted in order to create the perfect complimentary notes for your home. This fall/winter we have brought in 2 of the brands most signature candles. Given no more than a number to describe them, No. 174 carries patchouli oil as a main ingredient. From this, the candle holds a deep, earthy tone that can be paired with sweeter smells for a completely complimentary sense around your home.

No. 191 uses myrrh to find its main notes. Myrrh is a simple smell that balances sweet and smoke to create a wonderfully soothing environment.

Scent by Land through these candles encourages you to enjoy your moment of Luxury.

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