Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 – FW17 Pt XIX

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1 – FW17 Pt XIX
November 29, 2017 Uncle Otis

Gift buying during the Holiday season can be an arduous task. That’s why this year’s gift guide is made with a surplus of options to make deciding what will make your recipient’s life more comfortable or more stylish.

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The Chef

The chef is the guy who loves the hustle of the kitchen. His care for the food is paramount and he loves to cook because he loves to eat. A dedicated host committed to the meals that bring everyone together for a rare occasion. This person needs to be comfortable and cool while concentrating on the final touches before wowing the party with the main course. The chef is detail oriented, cares about his tools, and is crucial to the holidays.

The Universal Works Selvedge Apron is one of the character-driven pieces that will use the wearer’s life to influence it. It has a chest pocket perfect for keeping small things within reach when his hands need to be tending to a pot. Crafted from premium selvedge denim, it will only get better with age as the stains and fades replace the crisp brown tone.

For quick chopping and slicing needs, or just to aid in the opening of beverages, a small knife is advantageous. Hailing from Norway, Helle knives give the chef a clean and stylish way of preparing the smaller parts of his dishes. Made in the same tradition today as when the company was started in 1932. Meticulous attention to detail creates a special work that will last generations.

A sometimes slow, but mostly fast-paced environment like the kitchen requires a shoe that will be comfortable for long periods of time, provides that extra grip when lunging to prevent a stovetop fire, and looks good when the chef joins their guests at the table. The Adidas Spezial TRX is all of that and more.


The Homebody

This gift recipient does not surprise when he skips a bar night for a movie night. Their relaxation comes in the purest form, comfy clothing and a chill mood. This mindset doesn’t mean wearing your old college sweatshirt anymore. It means still being the best dressed when the urge for a spontaneous trip to the store, or for a walk through the market hits.

Getting a soothing mood going when you’re at home can be accelerated by the right surroundings. To make sure your gift recipient can do this to the best of their ability, the candle selections from Norden, Upstate Stock and Scent of Land are here. An item adept at many uses is the Maple Coffee & Cigarettes ashtray. Obviously available for its namesake use, for keys, snack bowl or incense burning, it is just one of those things that’s nice to have around.

The headliner from this part of the guide comes in the form of the wings + horns robe. The Vancouver based brand has become known for the triple layer cabin-fleece material they use on this piece. The robust and soft cotton is as cozy as possible but allows your body to breathe ensuring you won’t overheat.


Poglia Knives – Available instore


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