New Arrival F/CE | SS18 Pt XII

New Arrival F/CE | SS18 Pt XII
Uncle Otis

F/CE’s spring/summer collection comes on the heels of winning the Tokyo design award in the readymade category. Satoshi and Asami Yamane headline an extremely durable line of outerwear goods designed and made in Japan. Coupling high levels of practicality and extreme durability, F/CE’s luggage is the best companion for your summer getaways and beyond.

New for this season is the removable shoulder bag that appears on a number of the products. Drop the main bag at your destination, unzip the small compartment and feel free to roam with convenient storage for the handheld goods you’ll need on your journey. All the F/CE luggage features numerous ways to be carried based on the weight of the load you’re burdened by. Most of the 2 or 3 way carry bags you’ll see today feature removable backpack straps. F/CE uses straps that are fixed to the bag but are easily and well hidden when not in use. This guarantees durability as they are built into the structure of the bag, as opposed to relying on small clips to bear the weight of whatever you may be carrying.

Designers Satoshi and Asami promise durability by constructing the bags from a specialty CORDURA Nylon. Specifically made for F/CE, this nylon gains strength from the type of thread and the pattern it is stitched in. Featuring heat and tear resistance on the bags made from the aforementioned material, F/CE has your luggage needs covered.

Available online and instore now.


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