Cressy House – SS18 Pt. XXIII

Cressy House – SS18 Pt. XXIII
Uncle Otis

Within the increasingly popular Prince Edward County rests a beautiful three-building property owned by renowned Toronto chef Grant Van Gameren and his wife Sunny. The Cressy House is an escape from the city that is the ideal location to rest and recharge.

The crisp Lake Ontario water crashes on a rock beach that rises up a grassy hill towards a sun-stained pool deck and main house. A short walk along a slate stone walkway past rows of wine grapes sits the guest house. Prepared as if it the building erected itself from a Ralph Lauren catalogue, the 3,000 square foot house feels cozy and intricate. With no detail spared, the guest space is finished with antiquated accents that continue to reveal themselves even days after check-in. Nestled just 20 minutes from the town of Picton, the Cressy House Property is a surreal escape that is hard to believe exists just hours from Toronto.

Much appreciation to Grant, Sunny and the rest of the Cressy House team for the stay. Thanks to Ace Hill for making sure we never went thirsty.

You can book your stay at the Cressy House HERE.

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