Universal Works – Hotel De Luxe | FW18

Universal Works – Hotel De Luxe | FW18
Uncle Otis

Universal Works is one of our favourite brands. The people behind the curtain for UW consistently come up with subtle ways to change the staple silhouettes we have come to love. This season, under the “Hotel De Luxe” motif, the British workwear brand gives you pieces essential to cold weather layering.

The mainstay of the collection is the Bakers Jacket. The multi-pocketed top-layer takes inspiration from a jacket the designer’s father wore while working in his bake shop. It has a number of external patch pockets to add a touch of workwear into a jacket that can easily be dressed up. Whether it’s quilted and insulated, made from Harris Tweed, melton wool, or cotton twill we are certain there is a Bakers Jacket that you’ll feel right at home in.

Below you’ll find some of the highlights and just a handful of the possibilities.

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