F/CE: The Cold-Weather Commuter | FW18

F/CE: The Cold-Weather Commuter | FW18
November 13, 2018 Uncle Otis

As the cold front begins to hit, the latest delivery from F/CE has arrived in store. Hailing from Japan where winds touch the tops of mountains before swooping through cityscapes, it’s natural for you to assume this brand is an authority on cold weather. You’d be correct. The details are plenty, and the insulation is warm with this season’s outerwear. Further, you can trust F/CE’s luggage with protecting your goods while trekking the elements from point A to B.

The N3B is a modern version of a US Air Force jacket used for extreme conditions to keep soldiers warm. The F/CE rendition modernizes with slick details and premium materials to make sure it’s up to date. The coat uses a unique two-way stretch nylon fabric that makes sure your movement isn’t restricted even when you’re bulked up by extra layers underneath. This one is insulated with white duck down and features a removable hood, neck liner, adjustable height hand warming pockets and a plethora of pockets for storing your stuff on the go.

Alongside the N3B Parka shown at the top of the page is their recurring backpack introduced for this season with a brand new material that steals the show. Developed with premium textile producer Cordura, the nylon satin on the Travel Backpack adds the look of luxury while being strong against abrasions and tears. The Travel BP is finished with black tonal leather touches to complete this unique bag.

The Type B Bag is made with a two-night stay in mind, with two access points for getting at your stuff. Pack it from the top zip, and as you need entry, go in through the front zipper for ease. It’s made from incredibly durable Cordura Nylon to make sure you can rely on it. When you’re carrying a heavier load it features a waist and chest strap to limit movement.

The Bomber is a waist length parka option. The large fixed hood has a quilted spine to keep its distinct shape even in the midst of a strong wind gust. Big front pockets offer a warm home for your hands and devices while outdoors and a rear map pocket provides a space to hide your scarf and mitts when you find shelter indoors. The Bomber uses the same 2 way stretch nylon that the N3B does, and has an elastic bottom hem to prevent strong gusts from breaching your shell. If not in need, alleviate the tapering elastic hem with the double zip.