UO Holiday Guide | FW18

UO Holiday Guide | FW18
December 12, 2018 Uncle Otis

2018’s FW18 Holiday Guide is here to steer you through this beautiful yet stressful season. In an effort to keep things simple, we compiled some of our favourite pieces into a few looks. Looking ahead to winter’s harshest cold, layers will be your primary defence in looking good while staying warm.

Take, for instance, the Birnir Fairisle sweater from Norse Projects. Knit in Scotland, inspired by a classic Norwegian design. The sweater is extremely lightweight, constructed of 100% Lambswool. It slides under a top layer with ease, while adding a touch of colour.

Keeping on the Norwegian sweater tip, this beautifully textured turtleneck from SNS Herning adds some Scandinavian history to your cold-weather wardrobe. The bubble knit that takes centre stage was a process invented by the 87-year-old company near their inception. It quickly became their notable style, and it’s timeless look proves to still be unique today.

The Fisherman Rollneck is worn under the Quilted Bakers jacket from Universal Works; An insulated mid layer that is comfortable in any situation from a long hike to a boardroom presentation.

Our first season carrying the North Face Black Box saw the arrival of an iconic jacket from the outerwear brand. The 1992 Nupste is worn on the backs of mountain climbers and city commuters alike. Extremely warm, simply constructed and reliable. Available in an allover print and in a muted Asphalt Grey it can either be your statement piece or remain muted.

Maharishi’s FW18 collection revolves around a theme of redacted information, inspired by classified military documents. Unique graphics and embroidery are the line’s main draw. A worldly brand, Maharishi’s Kintaro tee uses a namesake piece of art for its main graphic.

Over the past couple of years, Uncle Otis has become keen to Maha’s Custom and Track pants. Built with room in the thigh, an articulated knee and a taper towards the ankle, the shape is an easy one to love. This season’s feature subtle detail upgrades like a sno-cord cinch bottom and an exterior stash pocket near the hem.

When you put the Aston Pant with the Bakers jacket, you’ll see a perfect marriage. These two bring the best out of each other. On their own, simple pieces that are strong, reliable parts of any wardrobe. But together they become something new, the ideal casual suit for the guy who just doesn’t want to wear a suit. Finish this showstopping look off with sneakers or brogues, a collared shirt or a tee, whatever your heart desires.

Comfort is the name of the game when we’re talking about Cabin Fleece. Available in crewneck, zip hoodie, pants, bathrobe and blanket, there’s a piece of Cabin Fleece for all situations. The fabric is 100% Cotton, Japanese fabricated and features a triple layer construction. With one of said layers being perforated, it’s dedicated to maintaining a comfortable temperature without overheating the wearer.

Japanese producer of durable workwear and military inspired garments, orSlow, has long put their emphasis on quality of materials and production. Forgoing superfluous details allows them to focus on the fit and fabrication with a heightened sensitivity. A fine example of their motif is the Loopwheeled sweatshirt. A simple grey hoodie to the untrained eye, this garment is constructed on almost century-old machines that create a soft backing, and a beautiful marled grey exterior. A classic piece that will only get better with age.

The hoodie is worn under orSlow’s Pajama shirt, an oversized wool blend shirt that can be worn as a top layer on warmer days, or as a midlayer to add warmth on colder ones. The oversized shape allows you to maintain comfort an mobility even when heavily layering.

Chamula’s fisherman turtleneck sweater is as close as you’re going to get to grandma’s own work. The Japanese designer enlists a small group of Native Mexican women to harvest, spin, and dye the material before handknitting each piece. A process that has been passed down for generations within the group. The elongated neck can be worn a number of ways and adds a unique twist to the classic turtleneck.

SNS’ wide reaching crowd pleaser is the Stark Cardigan. One of the heritage brand’s oldest and most recognizable silhouettes. The cross knit pattern adds mobility while the metal buttons add a statement detail to this classic.