PURSUIT – Milky’s Coffee

PURSUIT – Milky’s Coffee
Uncle Otis

Often when we visit new cities, we are awestruck by the people who inhabit them, the ones who are part of the hustle we are there only to catch a glimpse of. For travellers and locals alike, coffee shops serve as beacons of culture when immersing ourselves in our destination.

Wherever he was, Milky’s founder Fraser Greenberg, has always made it a point to start his trips at local coffee shops. While a latte is as good a place as any to start your day, the chance to find out what’s happening locally is even better. 

“They seem to be the meeting point of fashion, music and food in every city, that’s what I would love Milky’s to be for this area.”



A native of the Bathurst and Dundas area, Fraser has seen a number of coffee shops open inspired by other countries. “Toronto has beautiful Japanese, Australian coffee shops, among many others, but I thought, what would a Canadian one look like?” The incredible interior stems from his background in flooring, and a theme that the architect dubbed “loud-minimalism.” The oxymoronic statement is best seen in action, rather than explained. Everything at Milky’s was purposefully designed to evoke a sense of joy.

“We thought about the daily ritual of grabbing a coffee, and how this central part of your day should elicit some kind of happiness.”

The beautiful interior strikes you, the atmospheric music comforts you and a friendly face greets you. Welcome to Milky’s. The stunning walls are a complimentary combination of warm colours while lighting inspired by the sun falls into the backdrop until pointed out. There isn’t a place that the eye can glance without catching a meticulously designed aspect. Everything at Milky’s is right where it’s supposed to be. The feature colour of the shops pops out against its background, and one has trouble resisting the smile it provides.


Milky’s wants to make you happy with coffee, and if they’re the bar for what a Canadian coffee shop should look like, we already are.

Visit them at 760 Dundas West

Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm