Uncle Otis Holiday Gift Guide – Under $50

Uncle Otis Holiday Gift Guide – Under $50
Uncle Otis

Too often during the Holiday Season we max out the credit card in hopes of impressing your recipient. This year at Uncle Otis coming in under budget doesn’t mean a sacrifice in quality, in fact, the goods at this price point surpass the burden of quality for their low price.

Providing accessories for your loved ones goes a long way. For instance, consider the Double Face Merino wool socks from RoToTo. These dense socks use a unique wool blend and loose loopwhel pattern for an extremely warm, and durable sock. They’re so good they may just replace your slippers.

On the dressier side, Norse Porjects has some seasonal wool socks that provide a touch of colour and pattern to outfits casual and dressy.

Shop the selection in this price range below.

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