Uncle Otis

Rain can be a pesky foe. If you know it’s coming you can prepare by grabbing a trusty DWR treated garment to get you through the day. But for the days where the weather turns on a dime, we have some packable garments great for keeping close at hand.

This season there is a number of unique rainwear options to keep you dry while on the move. Jacket wise you can go with a classic like The North Face, a poncho style like the Maharishi Veg Dyed Poncho, or even take some fly fising flavour from the South 2 West 8 Tenkara Parka. Accessory wise we’ve got headwear like The Norse Projects GoreTex bucket hat that’ll keep your hair looking quaffed while Japanese made Moonstar shoes avoid the haunting of a drenched sock.

There is multiple ways to stay comfortable while on your day-to-day moves, even when the weather is against you, and we’ve got you covered from head to toe.




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