Work From Home | SS20 Pt. VII

Work From Home | SS20 Pt. VII
Uncle Otis

Working From Home; Our new norm.

Amongst the everchanging reality that the COVID-19 has forced us all into, we have had to alter our day-to-day lives to accommodate both our work and family life. However, an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of nespresso coffee and sweatpants is our everyday style.

A professor once told a class I was in that he saw an increase in grade average when he asked students to dress up for final exams. Whether or not you believe this anecdotal piece of evidence, the thought is in the right place. Prepare yourself and your environment, and the product you create can only get better. Now, it would be unnecessary to say you should be rocking an Oliver Spencer linen suit to crush your emails from your couch, but adding a little of your pre-coronavirus normalcy into your work-from-home routine can be easy as going with a button down instead of your old t-shirt. Going with jeans instead of your sweats (this one may be tough) or even, house rules permitting, rocking your favourite sneakers in your home office.

Look, all we’re saying is you don’t have to sacrifice all the great pieces of clothing you have accumulated over the years just because you’re at home. Dressing well is about making yourself feel good. It’s even a good time to throw on that outfit that’s a little more daring than your usual looks, so when life outside your home resumes, you’re ready.

The pursuit of personal style never stops.