The Wandering Wit at Uncle Otis

The Wandering Wit at Uncle Otis
Uncle Otis


We’re excited to host The Wandering Wit’s FW20 pop-up showroom. Based right here in Toronto, The Wandering Wit, is sharing their latest collection dubbed “An Itinerary”. Appointments are available by emailing / walk-ins are welcome too.

“An Itinerary” is a journey based on imagination. Designed with the intention of portraying a list stemming from both personal reference and forethought. The narrative is depicted by the structure of a journey; preparation, packing, travel, and the ending destination.
This season, the idea of an imaginary trip represents both an honest and appropriate approach. The goal was to embody recurring feelings such as reminiscing, seclusion, and taking time to organize future endeavours. The purpose is mundane but by utilizing focused design lines, each piece is given its own individual narrative. Building the layers of simplicity, the objective is to rethink what “simple” truly can be. The reality of any trip is that things don’t go the way we plan, but it is crucial to keep the destination always in mind.

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