Uncle Otis & Universal Works A Future Friendship Collaboration

Uncle Otis & Universal Works A Future Friendship Collaboration
Uncle Otis
We couldn’t be happier to announce our Future Friendship collaboration with Universal Works. A culmination of our relationship with cofounders David & Stephanie and the rest of their team, this jacket shares the same joy and enthusiasm that our reunions are filled with. We are proud to have the entire Universal Works team help us mark our 30th anniversary with an extra special piece.
Since its introduction, the Kyoto Work Jacket has become one of our favourite styles thanks to its versatility in styling and function. Our collaboration uses Universal Works Frogskin camp in desert and forest sourced from one of their favourite textile mills in Osaka, Japan. Reversible Frogskin was first introduced in WWII when U.S. Marines were frequently changing terrains in battle and needed the ability to quickly adapt to their new surroundings. In honour of that functionality, our Jacket features the same reversible ability, a first from Universal Works on the Kyoto Work Jacket.

“We have been working with our great friends in Toronto “Uncle Otis”,  for 8 or 9 years now, so when they asked us to work on a special project with them this season we were delighted. After working together on our ideas we were happy that the collaboration became something quite unique and special.  The Kyoto Work Jacket is a newer style in our stable of contemporary workwear but it has quickly become a firm favourite. This reversible camo version is for me a nod to the versatility of the original military fabric but also a great fun treatment of both the style and fabric.” says Universal Works co-founder and designer David Keyte.  

This piece features meticulous detailing, high functionality and uniqueness. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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Photography by Norr Studio
Models: Austin Sauco & Justin Devenish
Styling by Titus Chan and Vince Lai

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