Buyer’s Blurb – FW23 Sage de Cret

Buyer’s Blurb – FW23 Sage de Cret
Uncle Otis

Welcome to another blurb by yours truly. I hope you’re day is going smoothly and you’re ready to get a little glimpse into Sage de Cret.

Sage de Cret has always been a little bit difficult to pronounce, but its never been difficult to buy. The brand pretty much makes all its own textiles followed by a strenuous process of garment dying and prewashing. Whenever we sift through the racks we’re always drawn to the texture of the garment, whether it’s a dry or soft hand feel there is always that element of storytelling.

In my opinion, Fall/Winter collections are where this brand shines the brightest – especially the outerwear. We always pick 3-4 jackets and offer some variety between contemporary menswear and military inspired pieces. This season my absolute favourite is the Cotton Wax Field Half Coat, this crisp brown is just outstanding followed by the dense waxed finish giving it a robust handfeel. After you cinch the waistline to give that classic M43 look its an absolute killer.

Next up are the Twill Tumbler Reversible Coats, available in brown (its really olive) and black. This pieces now comes in a full length version that just adds that umph in warmth and probably extends the duration you can wear this piece. When we received it, I totally missed out on the chest pocket, a clever minimalist design offering additional utility.

Lastly the work shirt, both colours are good, but if you know me I’m a sucker for neutral colours. The olive is gorgeous and you cant really tell from the photos but there are shades of brown that come through. Its really a beautiful piece all around.

I tried on everything, I’m 5’11 (just missed that 6′ marker) and about 150lbs I wear a medium in everything including trousers (to which I’m a 32).

If you have the opportunity to try this collection on, I highly encourage it. But if you have any questions about fit, feel free to reach out. Shop the collection here.


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