Mens Moc Speed Streak Evo 1TRL x Nicole McLaughlin – Coyote/Olive


Mens Moc Speed Streak Evo 1TRL x Nicole McLaughlin – Coyote/Olive

Introducing the exclusive collaboration between Merrell 1TRL and visionary designer Nicole Mclaughlin, embodying Nicole’s commitment to sustainability. Crafted from recycled materials such as “Trash” Recycled Foam, Suede, Heather Mesh, Scratch Rubber, and Mushroom Leather, this innovative design showcases environmental responsibility. The shoe draws inspiration from the iconic Moc Speed Streak, seamlessly blending comfort and style. Contribute to a greener future and step into conscious fashion with this limited-edition creation.

Nicole McLaughlin, a Colorado-based designer celebrated for her avant-garde approach to fashion and sustainability, has lent her creative prowess to breathe new life into the iconic Jungle Moc franchise. Hailed as the Queen of Mocs and upcycling, McLaughlin’s work challenges norms while maintaining a unique aesthetic that has garnered a cult-like following. 

McLaughlin’s connection with Merrell runs deep and personal, stemming from her father’s admiration for the timeless Jungle Moc to her passion for the outdoors and innovative design. Her affinity for Merrell, especially the Mocs, and her unique upcycling approach naturally led to a partnership with Merrell 1TRL. This collaboration took shape in 2020, inspiring a “house shoes” design challenge based on her work and the iconic Merrell Mocs. The result was a series of unique Jungle Moc prototypes, later awarded as exclusive prizes.

At the heart of this collaboration lies The Moc Speed Streak, a shoe that has been meticulously brought back to life, drawing from the depths of Merrell’s rich historical archive. Carefully curated and reimagined by McLaughlin, the shoe is available in three distinct colorways: the OG Black/Amber and exclusive Birch/Hiviz and Coyote/Olive. The attention to detail, the commitment to sustainable materials, and the incorporation of contemporary aesthetics all come together to create a shoe that is both a nod to Merrell’s storied history and a bold stride into the future of outdoor footwear.


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