Denim Cap – Navy


Denim Cap – Navy

One thing about Japan that surprises those unfamiliar with their culture is their unabashed love for baseball. As one of their national sports, Japan takes baseball extremely seriously, and that passion for the sport translates to how people want to embody the sport in their day-to-day as well. Poten, a new brand from Japan, focuses exclusively on creating authentic and well-designed baseball caps. This cap features a beautiful washed 100% cotton denum, herringbone sweatband, a size adjuster, and a unique 19-stitch concentric construction on the brim (a detail reserved for the purest of purists when it comes to baseball memorabilia). Minimal in branding and expertly executed, Poten is your new go-to for the best made baseball caps.

Oh, and each one comes with an exclusive baseball card tag stickered with Poten’s brand, just in case you thought they weren’t serious about baseball.


Uncle Otis