Upcycled Military Liner Jacket for Uncle Otis – Olive

Universal Works

Upcycled Military Liner Jacket for Uncle Otis – Olive

The Upcycled Military Liner is another fantastic project between Universal Works and Uncle Otis. Originally, the mass-produced mil-spec garment was intended to add insulation to the iconic M65 Fishtail Jacket. The liner added a great degree of versatility allowing the M65 jacket to be worn in extremely cold weather.

In an effort to reduce waste and utilize a highly functional garment Universal Works suggested reworking the US Military Liner similar to the Kantha Jackets collection. The revised edition adds an abundance of storage with two waist side pockets and an internal chest pocket. The jacket is finished with contrasting brown corduroy elbow patches, underarm gussets, and a button flap chest pocket. brown twill pipping along the pockets, and sleeves. And as all jackets should, it sports a double zip.

All jackets have been darned to repair any holes. The sizing block is based on the Bakers Jacket. It is our recommendation that you size up, so if you’re a medium in the Bakers Jacket take a large. As mentioned above the jacket was intended to be buttoned into a shell, as such when the jacket is zipped it will be asymmetrical.

Each jacket is different from the next.

One small is made from a black liner.
One large is made from a light brown liner.


Uncle Otis